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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

14/06/10 hangout with high school friends

mula2 mmg plan nk buat gathering.

but suddenly joanne dah buat plan

so, i just go w it~


but yg malay, aku sorang jer

yg lain bz,

x de transport

x de kat sini


so, kitorag meet up kat
Uncle John Kopitiam
at 4 on monday
sy pegi w hema.
fetch her at her house
then off to uncle john
dekat je pun~

we chat for 3 hours!
man, it was long!
and we exchange stories like mad!
and i gotto know that one of my junior at school will be my TESLian junior!


picture! (hey, look at the guy at the back! loves the hair! haha :P)

fatty me! hoho
my scene ribbon too exposed! yeah!hahah

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