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Monday, March 22, 2010

Crying for No Reason

everything is where it should be
but why am I crying?
why is my heart feel sad
I have what that I wanted

Because you worry too much, syg
I will always be here with you...
I'll do anything
For you...

The tears, it can't be stopped
For no reason,
No reason at all
Why oh why....
I can't find the reason
My heart keeps on crying
I can't stop it from flowing
It just flow like a stream towards the sea

(I really wish that I could change that sad tears
to a happy tears... deep inside I am crying too..
All I could do is just sitting here and don't know
what should I do... My Dear, I'm sorry)

1st March 2010
March, I have been waiting for this month every year
When this month came,
I will be overjoyed and brag about this special month
But this year, and why this year
I felt this sad;emo feeling crouching me from the inside
Is like something bad, wrong, sad is happening
As I'm aware, all are ok
I have everything that I ever dreamt about
God, please help me....
Lyann (&Elyas)
(Library IPG Kampus Perlis)

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  1. Being a teen means struggling w identity n self-image. U may notice,for d 1st time, a sense of distance from parents n family. U may feel u want to be on your own n make ur own dicisions,but it can also seem overwhelming n even a bit lonely at times. As fun n exciting as dis time is, it also can b a time of confusion n conflict. It can take a while to feel comfortable w d transition between childhood n adulthood my dear.
    There's nothing wrong w crying, infact it often makes a person feel better.