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Sunday, March 28, 2010

28/03/10 I am happy for u.

as i was sleeping in the evening after ironing my clothes for the whole week,
my mum called and waked me up.
she brought me happy news...
she has come back.
what a relieve that she is ok.
and she is back
i miss her.....
after she left, i was all alone...
i went through growing alone.
i was growing alone for the past year that is when she is not there...
i love u. we love u.
plz dun go away~
plz be here. for me.
i miss u.
i need u.
i only have u.
u r fun to be with.
i recall how we watched the movie together(Eagle Eye)
i was quite frustrated when Kami The Movie is not in our cinema.
but we had a blast watching Eagle Eye.
thanks for accompanied me.
now ur back.
only slightly different i hope.
i hope we can go back to normal.
lets go out like we usually do.
now i can drive.... i have my own car..
go and have try later, when i'm back..
if God willing, i will be back this weekend.
i really want to see u.
now i'm crying.... happy tears...
i'm sooooo happy that ur back.

I Love You, Sister.


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