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Monday, March 29, 2010

30/03/10 kenangan dolu2- SIGS, Johor Bahru

due tige hari ni memang nak walk down memory lane kot~
nak cerita hal2 sekolah dulu~

gmbr sebelah ni, gmbr time balik skolah~
mase form 5 dulu~
Saye cume Librarian jer dulu...
tu yg cam lain skit baju die tuh~

ok, back to kenangan dolu2..
after 2 years in kindergarten, i went to SIGS.
short for, Sultan Ibrahim Girls School, Johor Bahru.
unfrotunely, x lame kat sini.
in about six months.

i was REALLY talkative when i was in primary school.
so, having the same classmates from kindergarten makes me excited and i talk more.

i remembered when it was the day we have to had our vaccination or sumthing...
there's one girl who run the whole school because she scared of needle...

this school is opposite to a boys school, STAR.
(does girls school have to be opposite boy's??)
i'm not quite sure what was STAR stands for~

well, not much memory of this school though.
some are awful ones..
maybe i'll share it next time.
cuz i required a long explaination.

maybe you all wondered, why didn't i stay in Sri Utama?
well, Sri Utama is a private school.
private school doesn't have what the government giving to the schools under them.
like universities opportunities or even the SBAP or MRSM.
so, my parents change me to this school.

that's all~!
i think~


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