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Saturday, March 27, 2010

27/03/10 Earth Hour

8.30 to 9.30 pm. 27th march 2010.
yes, it was earth hour.
the picture above was me during the earth hour.
i used negative effects.
yarh~ as u can c i'm on my laptop.
only the lights was out..
but the fan and laptop was still on~
i think it's much better that way
cuz i cant stand the heat~
one of my ex-classmate, zin, only switch his laptop in support of the earth hour..
i think i'm better than him~
i intend to only turn off my lights...
but when the time came i didn't turn it off...
but YY come pounding on my door and ask me to switch it off in order of earth hour~
so i did....

in conjunction of earth hour, The Petronas Twin Tower turn off their lights in support.
as u can see in the photo above.
btw, i took this photo from daniel...
my friend, caroline, said that the sunway piramid support the earth hour by turning their lights off too.
well, i think thats all for now...


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