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Monday, March 22, 2010

22/03/10 Kasut Tumit Tinggi dan Kebaya

disebabkan due bende di tajuk blog hari ini, saye menjadi sopan...
but i can't stand people ask me too much~
yeah, i know i'm short, but do u have to literally said those??
yes2, i looked taller...
so what?
today, my shoes took more attention of people than my dress..
but well, i know they didn't mean any harm..
thank you for noticing my shoes though~
and thanks to shandra who like shoes and some who thinks the shoes are sexy...
talking about the high heels, i remembered my friend, jaslin.
she gave me the high heels...
love ya, princess jessie!

and yeah, it's raining in perlis.
but just for awhile.
but really bring the coldness in the air.
God Bless Perlis!


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