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Monday, March 29, 2010

29/03/10 kenangan dolu2-SRI UTAMA, Johor Bahru

i stumble upon Ulya's blog just now...
he is just a guy i went to the same tuition with...
i guess he don't even know me.
so, as i was reading his blog, he shares the story about how he learns english and also how to breed rabbits..
it was hilarious!
so, today i would like to share with you about my school life.
and how i pick up english....

here is the photo of me, 2 years ago.
thats me during form 5.
getting ready for school~

i was born in kuala lumpur in pantai medical centre...
but KL doesn't have a beach to begin with!
moreover the hospital is situated on top of a hill!

then me and family moved to johor bahru~
during my earlier years, i grow up in JB.
then, the time comes for me to go to kindergarten!
where the children whom had a rich family came here and also the royalty.
duh, my senior was the TMJ's son!
i still remember their cute outfit!
with the skirt n tie.
cute! but it was grey in colour....
i was a star here.
i was always the princess...
yes, i do plays when i was in kindergarten!
(but now i have MACBETH!)
i was the Puteri Tujuh of Ulek Mayang and also the sleeping beauty!
but i was NOT a bright student.
but HERE is where i start to learn the language....
i talked in english with my neighbor's children.
but they couldn't understand me!
they where chinese~
i wonder what happened to them.

sometimes i miss my kindergarten friends.
in the old days there are no such things as handphone or internet connection for the little ones..
so i just left kindergarten and friends just but saying goodbye..
i remembered, alan(my macai..haha), fatin aithri, nur lina dato' ismail, farah, charles..
man....long time i didn't mention these names..
i just hope to meet them again.

if GOD willing, i WILL meet them again.


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