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Monday, August 12, 2013

9th August 2013, 2nd Syawal 1434

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

Can't update 1st raya yet cause all the photos are with my cousin, so let's start with second raya shall we?

As usual, in the morning, just tidy things up around the house, had breakfast and just sit watch tv, I think, there were no visitors that morning, so we just lepak.
After Jumaat, we still watch tv and then we get ourselves ready to go to my Uncle's house in Kampung Sitiawan.
Before going, my mum insists photos of her with the rest of the family :P

brother and mummy

abah and mummy

abah and brother

me and mummy

le parents

not baju raya -.-
Then we're off to raya.
As usual, we just sit and talk, although we already meet yesterday talk about bunch of things. haha
The awesome thing was, we had pizza for raya! haha 
And then the parents talk about youth nowdays only knows to stick to their smart phones -.-

farhan & eqbal

handsome boys

me and aimi

freaking cute, farhan!

tight squeeze!

u cant resists a mirror photo hehe
photos: white pearl

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