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Sunday, August 4, 2013

1st August 2013

Assalammualaikum  hello readers~!

I dunno what came over me, but i really wanted to buka puasa outside.
So asked Azie if she up for the idea.
Texted others some x balas pun.
So decided to go bazaar with Azie. But then JD join us.

And we roam around Kangar to find a good place to spend our last Iftar in Perlis,
And we end up it Arau at a Malay retaurant,thank God there is still place for us.
It seems like the whole place was book though, but we managed.
We order a set for 4 people though, there was tomyam, daging masak merah and telur dadar. yummy!
Before berbuka, we played games and such and Jedi actually played my StarGirl game! haha

playing games, while waiting for buka

 Had fun though, hehe

photos: White Pearl

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