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Friday, January 18, 2013

18/01/13 Apabila Liyana mencadangkan Liyana

Assalammualaikum & hello readers~!
After a long week, finally a result was announce, and thanks to Yna (Liyana), I'm one of the JPP of IPG Kampus Perlis.
 Yes, be both share the same name, hence the tittle.
This semester, Yna is lucky enough to be a KK all thanks to me cause I was the one responsible of arranging the new KK for our class.
To think back, did we just help each other out on our new responsibility.

So in being a JPP, I would like to thank Yna for electing me, Sir Ideris to permit it and of course to  ALL 258 people who choose me to be their representative.
I will of course do my very best.
If together we have a will, together we find a way.

I know being a JPP is hell of a job, but I would like to challenge myself though. :0
I was a PKK in my first semester of foundation years, then a KK in third semester of degree now again I challenge myself to be a JPP.

To tell you the truth, I DIDN'T NOT EXPECT TO BE A JPP AT ALL. Until the day that the result was gonna result, that is today, I was emotionless D:

 Received a text from GK, I wonder who told her.
She's one of the best JPP I ever know and I learn one or two things in being a JPP from her though.
I hope everything will be fine for me.

GK's text: Congrats baby on bein a jpp.. i'm so proud of you.. ;-)
Aimi's text (rum8): Roommate.. Tahniah!! Sila anjur konsert kpop. Ekekeke
One of Elyas text today: Dh gk wahai cik jpp

I was laughing reading all these text haha
Everybody was happy for me, so I really hope everything will be fine for me :D

A day before almost everyone who I met said that they voted for me. I was like "what the~"
And today, almost everyone congratulate me.
Some of those who didn't went to the assembly ask me directly: dapat x? i was like:yeah *and i feel like i wanna just disappear into thin air D:*
Congrats B.AP
So yeah, wish me luck. I need it :P
p/s: Cobu 3D, SM family is in it :D

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