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Friday, January 25, 2013

15/12/12 Meet the old friend

Assalamualaikum  & hello readers~!

I was being crazy on Twitter when I saw my friend tweeted about going to AEON Manjung. I was surprised, cause this particular friend, Fatin Rashid, is actually studying in Australia. 

So, I tweet back to her asking if she’s really here, and it turn out she’s really is. She’s on summer break and having intern in KL. She asked if I wanted to meet up, my respond was “Sure!” the last time I meet her was form 4 before she went off to Langkawi. I thought I never meet her again cause she moved to Sabah shortly after that.

We decide to meet on Saturday, thought that I’m gonna meet her in the morning or afternoon at some place. Then she said that she had some things to do on the day. Afterwards, she gave a brilliant idea that I never thought off! That is, come to her for dinner, she will cook. To me, that is something new.
And I did went to her house after blurring on which junction to turn in, cause the area she live, I can’t never work out the streets there haha. So we had dinner with her sisters and talked for a very long time. I spend a splendid 4 hours at her house :D haha
fatin with shah rukh khan, taken from her fb :P

After a long time we didn’t meet, we talk about a lot of things! From school to studies to part time works and also K-Pop. Thought she didn’t like k-pop much, but she’s k-pop fan too haha She even almost wanted to go for SM Entertainment’s trainee search in Aussie! It would be awesome of she really did go! :D

To Fatin, thanks for inviting me and thanks for dinner. It was awesome! <3 u! Hehe


p/s: the first thing she said to me: ko dah gemuk~ the first thing i said to her: eh! Ko kurusnye~!! :P

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