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Monday, January 14, 2013

14/01/13 about my hand

Assalammualaikum & hello readers~!

if you had been following my Twitter u may have seen my rant about my hand
the deal is, its actually a cat bite, i mean a very serious one
i post a photo of it before though

it has been 2 months since it been and it had been heal
but little that i know, that the cat's venom got trap inside my hand

last week, my hand started to give out pain, i was wondering why
and then i discovered it came from the wounds cause by the cat
and it hurts like hair
yes i mean woundSSSS two of the wound still hurts like hell

 i poked hole myself for this wound to get the venom out
didn't know the venom is actually there
so i have been doing that ever since >.<
this one there were no any sign of there was a wound there
i just poke it using the nail clippers cause i cant take it anymore the pain was too much although the hand didn't hit anything
the pain just came and i feel like screaming

i actually cut out a hole after i went to see the doctor
cause she just gave some antibiotics and and actually pinch the wound and it HURT THE HELL OUT OF ME
i really wish i could scream D:

so it has been days everyday i try my best to get the venom out and i'm sick of it cause it really hurt T.T

my dad said before that i should have wash my hands first before applying any solution to the wounds
well, bende dah nak jadi, nak buat camne

still, i'm trying my best to endure it though.

good luck to me. :)


p/s: found a blog when i was surfing for G-Dragon's hair. Kri San 's blog>>  i'm confuse actually, if you know what i mean

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