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Sunday, January 13, 2013

14/01/13 Dreams

Assalammualaikum & hello readers~!

everyone passed my room to go to class
as for me i feel really insecure of having class at 11am, still a long way to that time
what in the world i should do in between
might as well post one or two posts

i was about to write this post yesterday after a while then i saw my neighbour's door was open so i just went in and stayed there chatted for hours haha
and i forget all about this post haha

for the past days i have been having these weird dreams
i just wanna write here cause this is just like diary to me that i can get back to it
Kim Him Chan

1) the other day, i just fell in love with Himchan of B.A.P so i started to search for he's pictures and save it, i was all over Himchan that day, i was crazy about him. but that night i had a NIGHTMARE involving him. actually i cant remember what the dream about i just know it as nightmare.

2) at my campus is the election of the new Student's-erm-what-do-call-it? oklah, JPP: Pewakilan Pelajar tuh. for the sake of my class, i entered the election. i don't want my class to be compound and froze from any things to do with the HEP. i was uncertain with myself of entering it, besides i had done some wrong things, so i doubt of being cut in the final decisions of being one of the running candidates. eventually, i DREAM that my name was not in the list, i was quite relieve at least i don't have to take the job haha but the list did came out the next day.... and my name is in it. -.o

ok... actually i have everything planned for this post then i lost it.
sorry guys, will update if i get the hold of the idea again


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