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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random: Sungha Jung grown up and cute

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!
ever heard of Sungha Jung?
he is South Korean professional acoustic finger-style guitarist.
he could play numerous songs or tune since he was kid.

some info from Wikipedia: Sungha Jung

Sungha Jung (정성하; born September 2, 1996) is a South Korean professional acoustic finger-style guitarist who has risen to fame on YouTube and other sites. As of October,2012, his channel has over 17 million views and over 965,000 subscribers, with his videos getting a total of over 550 million views.
Sungha typically takes three days to learn and practice a new piece, and video-record it for upload onto YouTube. He learns and plays guitar pieces across a broad range of genres.

he came up to my mind cause i just watched him strumming on his guitar accompanying G-Dragon on That XX song on Inkigayo,120923.
he had this small little eyes and his face is getting smaller, his cheeks was kindda chubby before but now he just so thin! haha

some other photos:-

Mission Impossible video

G-Dragon-That XX performance featuring Sungha Jung

Pirates of the Caribbean video

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