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Thursday, October 11, 2012

05/10/12 it's maybe Sunday

this is actually an old photo during our Seni dalam Pendidikan class, we had to make our own 'rabbit' out of towel

 Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!
there was supposed to be an assembly this morning, but it was cancelled due to there was a little flood in IPG
all the roads were covered with water, unless we are mermaids, we could attend the assembly,
but the fact that we are teacher trainee and we scared to death if we are shocked with water, the assembly was cancelled, and everybody back into their comfy beds and sets of to Dreamland

it's actually not Sunday, it's Friday, because there were no class yesterday, it really make it feel like Friday today
so, i decided to send Beliau back, just because i wanna drive car
rented a car from a junior, black Kancil, BFU 4123, and i called it Buffalo hahha
and i actually 'paksa' Beliau to drive from his hostel until in front of the IPG's gate
andddddddddddddddd he DID WELL haha
then ask Ika to drive to the petrol station
yep, i ask her to accompany me
and congrats to her, for her U-turn drive. (?)
see.... my Beliau drive~ hoho
then, i drove up to his house
and we meet baby Amani, supposed to be Aisya but i prefer Amani, but called her Aisya, but Ika kept calling her Amani still hehehe
unfortunately, we forget to took pictures of her
yea, to me, when people come to see babies, the family will offer the guests if they want to hold their baby
nevertheless, she's not even a month old, and i'm scared of babies though, they like to cry *my perception haha*

went back with, she drove Buffalo, and then we end up went out again even though we reached IPG d haha
we went to buy dinner and went back and relax (?)

#1Geok cher's photo
#2 thanks Ika for the photo

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