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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

18/10/12 Start anew

 Assalamualaikum  & hello readers~!
i could suddenly breathe with ease now
it's weird though, this is much more lighter then being a Class rep last semester
but i feel at ease now
officially, i'm not the Penolong Ketua Blok-II anymore and it really make me a happy girl now haha
no more meetings for me and now, i don't know when is the real spot check gonna be haha

one thing i have something here i wanna say:-
i know there are some human beings who went down for the meeting and the purposely went back to their room
what the fish is that? where is ur commitment guys?
we are living in this world, help each other, be a good human being, if you just think of being a good person and show to other person or just to please Allah SWT, it won't do dear.
huduh sangat perangai tu, apalah sangat meeting sejam or 30 minit tu. kenapa nak study? if you are such a clever human being, you wont be to pulun to study now. perangan dah la huduh, dulu kin dan selamanya. peribadi ngan pakaian je berubah buat ape kalau perangai huduh tu ade lagi. ok2, tolong munasabah diri tu balik. jangan berubah dari satu segi je, berubah tu biarlah kena.
*sebenarnye x puas hati sebab x dapat tangkap korang mase korang tgh naik tangga ke apa. shiiitt~*

ok, yg atas tu watak touching smalam masih ade.
yesterday gotto drive manual again
but just drove in circles. haha can't wait to try it again. :D

congratulations to the newly appointed Melati 3 community.
and let's celebrate our freedom to the previous community hehe :D
gembira gila haha
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Bubye~! :D

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