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Friday, October 12, 2012

29/09/12 Hari Gerko 2012

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!
it's the dawn of a new day! ok, whatever.
on the 29th September, in IPG Perlis we had our HAri Gerko
and kYin had offer me a spot to place my Nasgera at her booth
actually, the booth was own by a friend of hers, that i just meet on that day, and being me, i act like i-know-u-since-u-were-born haha

let see some photos....

there was also a horse!
our stall (may i presume), was the only stall that sells lots of things,
kropok lekor, popiah, karipap, nasi lemak, Nasgera, tudungs!, Daiso face mask
it was like hell of a commotion and we made Hari Gerko sounds like pasar malam
haha so, whatever. haa
my Nasgera, didn't get any hits, just a fellow Leo bought one, kak la bought one bubur and my rum8 left her coupons to buy one Nasgera too
still Nasgera gotto show themselves to IPG Perlis world now
after i promote it at FB

p/s: thanks Kyin n Safwan for giving me a spot to sell my Nasgera :)

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