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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

19/10/12 IPG Kampus Perlis Vaanavil Night 2012

Assalamualaikum & hello readers!

the Persatuan Kebudayaan Guru Pelatih India IPG Kampus Perlis was kind enough to have a table open for the Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis.
Vhina, my dear junior in school and also TESL, invited me to the event, and i say, why not huh?
cause Amrit ang GK was hype about it too.
it seems that my roommate, decided not to go at first and said, she only wanted to see her classmate(amrit) performance but she still accompany me.
thanks rum8!

so at 8.40 pm we headed for DIK, where the event was held. and Ricard already texted me asking where am I and all the Leo members are there already. upon arriving, I meet up with dear Vhina, she was pretty that night! purple colour! me likey! we always, almost always end up with the same colour of dress we wear! weird hehe
i actually called Farhad>'abang' when i asked him to take this picture hehe weird~

she brings us to Leo table, and guess who i see, who said they are not going?
mr Rolex and Bona. the night was hell sitting next to this two monkeys!

 because that we already ate before the event, me and my rum8 sit at the table before and watch one or two performance before having the meal

the Leo table: me, my rum8, Sam, Richard, Valen, Malcolm, JD, Prisca, Yakesh, Rolex, Bona
my rum8 was cut out from this picture huhu, sorry. and i wonder what's up with the face Richard?

Bona & Yakesh was cut out from this photo, sorry
fun fact: JD actually gone for a second round of makan! haha

then meet some friends:-
sri, shandra & kiki actually sang that night! GK danced night!

i dunno what is gonna be like next year, she's not here anymore :'(

emy & amrit hehe :D
there was a lot of performance that night!
lots of dancing & singing!
it was enjoyable though! hehe
it was really colourful!
their sarees was bright colour and actually eye catching!
it was definitely a colourful *vaanavil* night.
Prisca even sing for the night, a song about mother along with some other girls
talking about which, i actually received a pen upon arriving at the event, hoho

the above photos where Amrit's & GK's dance performance, suddenly i forgot the girls name, will update later then :P
it was an awesome performance though. congrats amrit & GK! hehe

all through the night me and the two monkeys been talking back to each other and we didn't stay quite for moment :P
Richard and the geng went back early and left us with high hopes of getting lucky draw
it was very sad cause not a single Leo member was lucky enough to get it.
JD & Emy had very high hope about this, but we didn't get any.
we had like a bunch of number but still didn't get lucky! :(

not lucky enough but still maintaining the excited face haha

cutey me on the center! with Yakesh, Prisca, Bona & JD

the roommate photo!
went back walking with emy, bona and rolex and talk about stuff and bit goodbye with many languages. even arabic hoh

p/s: maybe there are mistakes here and there, too lazy to correct it haha

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