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Thursday, October 18, 2012

19/10/12 GD live my life

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!
oh my! i am so into G-Dragon(Big Bang) now.
sorry TOP, u r still my ultimate favourite! :D
it all started when i watched an old video of GD, Hearthbreaker MV and i fall in love with his hair. again~
and it decided. :)

then i kept on watching him in other videos (if only his hair and style doesn't gross me out hoh)
even during the Big Bang videos, i keep finding for him other then TOP >.<
only yesterday, i took some video of the new album-One of A Kind, from a junior
to tell you, i just like his style not really his attitude or anything
but he does have a cute smile hehe

ok, i just let the pictures talk for me, aite?:-
act cute?

freaking like the hair, accesories! the multi colour!!!! and the smile :)

the tatts & the attitude :P

beautiful skin?

the industrial piercing!!! freaking awesome! if only i could! :P

if only i could bleach my hair too haha nice hair and nice accessories!

with Sungha Jung

looks like Zelo(B.A.P)

nice :I
if i'm a guy and i could do the things he did, i'm surely gonna be like him
that's the reason for my title for this post, GD live my life:if i'm a guy and things are legal for me :P
GD, please live 'my' life happily (?) hehe
p/s: i read a TabiSan fanfic haha

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