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Thursday, October 18, 2012

18/10/12 I could eat a Horse

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!
i could eat a horse if i could. :D

 i've decided to fast yesterday and today.
yesterday was ok, but i ended up fasting alone. ate chicken rice. suddenly had the urge of eating chicken rice. usually i will stay from chicken rice especially from the place i'm not familiar with.
but alhamdulillah, yesterday chicken rice was ok. cause i will get allergy itches

so, about today i was damn hungry, my stomach was screaming until my own roommate could hear my stomach rumbling like mad. and it register to my mind that i could eat everything on my way huhu and it was rumbling the while day :"(
i was hungry like that. :P
i thought of updating my blog about my hunger in the evening then i thought there must be something more for me today. instead i keep translating my EDU book accompany by B.A.P.

today, the girls cook nasi lemak. cool right?
it was ok. what do u aspect? instant  masak merah huh.
and alhamdulillah my hunger had been fed. and we break our fast with ice cream haha

i bought ePop, because GD was on the cover.
i'm into GD now. huh. don't worry TOP, i still love you hehe
will tell you more about GD later.
i end up taking some mp3s and videos of GD with a junior who is going to the Alive Tour this 27th October
i'm a little frustrated, cause she have an extra ticket, but i cant go, i have no money left to spend huhu
never mind, next time around, i will go hehe
and yeah, i think i have found my inner self of a guy(?).
will tell you more on the next post :)


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