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Sunday, October 7, 2012

04/10/12 the unexpected short trip

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!
thursday should be only one class, but then it was cancelled.
i should be send my group ABM and also my roommate's cd to Pn Jauriah that day
so i finish it up and get the things to puan Jauriah
minded my own business in my room, ika came and ask about expired driving licenses
and it turn out to be, she ask me to go along with her and Atul
so did i. :)

Atul's driving was cute and i didn't know that Ika could drive..... perfectly! hehehehhehe
so, driving licenses, then top up petrol, ika went for cash, then cmart, then kuala perlis: stop by at masjid terapung tu..., then off to Jitra, just because haha

in the end, i drove from Jitra to IPG, man, i miss driving. but the excitement (of driving)doesn't end there.
 because of i dunno what to do, i followed Ika to Sri's room because they are completing their PPK log book and i am there just to brighten up the situation hahaha

p/s: ika, thanks for your company :)

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