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Saturday, July 6, 2013

6th July 2013 Climbing with Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis

Assalamualaikum and hello readers~!

 Today, I finally did some real nature and exercising hahaha
Me and the new members of Leo Club of IPGKP along with the key officers and BODs together went to Bukit Cenderawasih for our Eco Walk activity.
Nevertheless, some of us are not here. Still, in total of 21 people including our tour guide the show must go on.

We went there by cars, that the president rented and it was a total of 5 cars ! :D
haha and because there was a miscommunication between me and Valen, I drove a manual car today! haha
although it was a just freaking short distance, but what the hell, its my blog, my diary so i have to express my feelings.
this is not the first time i drove manual cars short distances in the IPG grounds, but still the excitement won't go off easily hahahahaha

Upon arriving at Gua Cenderawasih, all the drivers have to go back to IPG to send back the cars.
As we were all golek2 around the playground, I gather them up and do some warming up.
And then I gather them again, ask them to ask me questions regarding Leo Club, cause some of them still blurred about it.

When the drivers came back, along with Josh?Jay? man, i dunno his name, it was the first time i talked to him, so yeah. hahaha ok, he's the tour guide.
So then, up up and away we went, me and Bona was placed centred between the new members.
But then changed place dunno what happened.

After a while, we reach the top and view was great.
Did couple of roars,and we head down :)
This time, all the way down me and JD didnt stop talking and JD keep doing the minion sound effect and it was quite annoying though hahaha
And some of us start singing and all that lah.... hahaha

Arriving back to the ground, we took pictures and such and then the long wait for the drivers to come back with cars.
So this time around, I managed to ride with JD and he is such a good driver compare to his roommate =.="
Came back to IPG, I drove a manual car again, from cafe to the front gates then I passed the wheel back to JD, we had to fetch Sam, JD and Christine.

Coming back to IPG, we had lunch together with all the Leo Members. :D
And then we start to plan another activity for leo hehehehehehehe a trip yea guys?
We'll see. hehe


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