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Friday, July 19, 2013

14th July 2013 2nd SpecialIftar

Assalammualaikum and Hello readers~!

Had to held a meeting together with the AJKs of Leo Family Day event.
So decided to gather them. As i already promise them to treat for dinner, so we went to Pizza Hut Kangar.
Really glad that the meeting went as I expected.
Everything will be ok just that I have to discuss the plan with the president.

Pizza Hut was indeed understandable that the foods are served almost to the breaking-fast time.
And our meeting ended perfectly at time for breaking fast.
while having the meeting, the kids play with the games paper

one happy family. p/s: the middle is the mother

dyba and me

the seafood ramadhan thinggy set(?)

LOL, pretty hand right? tell me what you think at the comment section
After the Iftar, we went to 7E and then just go lepak at Kuala Perlis.
Just having fun and enjoy life. :)



  1. Is it the same tangan yg pakai cincin juga pada post yg lepas? Whose tangan...?

  2. hahaha yea the same tangan