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Saturday, July 13, 2013

12th July 2013

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

Today, I have a listening and and speaking workshop
And it was good although I was sleepy the whole workshop from 8 am to 3pm

After buka at surau today, I ask Azie to come to my room
Just to discuss on what to do tomorrow.
cause we intentionally wanna go to Penang, but nobody wanna follow
so sad wei.

but my Mum just tell me to go although we are just three people
but it will be way to costly
so we scrap the plan cause not enough people

Eventually, i have the urge to have tea secret, since the allowance just in and buy some stuff.
So we went out.

 we played love jenga and we almost did ALL the task wrote on it haha

 then, we went for KFC to buy for sahur but then we saw the Supper offer but there was like 30 minutes to 11pm and the supper offer will be up
so we walked around the KFC area and then just lepak talk in front of Kayangan Square, I know, weird haha
and i had insominia, cant sleep
so i didnt sleep AT ALL
so i just online and watched youtube haha
then I wake Azie by calling then me and Dyba had our sahur together hehe

I cant remember where was this, but this week-lah, the kabus was damn tebal wei, I can't even see the school beside our hostel though. and it was freaking cold


photos: PoppyTab & Dyba's ipong~

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