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Sunday, July 21, 2013

20th July 2013

Assalamualaikum  hello readers~!

After a week, again we went to Alor Star cause Azie had a certain thing to settled.
So, it was just me, Azie and JD.
Thought that kak Zah will give us manual car, but we end up with the same car yesterday:auto
JD is not really good with auto, so in the end I was the one who was driving.
Long time didnt drive for a longer distance make me feel so happy haha

Drop off Azie at ASMall and then we went to Star Parade, besides JD never been there.
We walked the whole mall and I bought practicum stuff and it was costly :(
Bought a new wallet though cause mine is getting all torn up :P

Didn't realize that it was nearing 6 when we actually go through Star Parade, so we get back to ASMall to meet up w Azie.
Then it was time for breaking fast. And it was another Ramadhan promotion at Georgetown White Coffee and ASMall.
my Nasi Bojari with my deform caramel pudding :( and watermelon lychee

That was when, JD's, mama texted him and asked where is he.
Being the cheapskate of us, we asked Andy to bring us soy sauce for our sushi that we gonna buy later haha

After breaking fast, we went to Chatime, then we saw this whole crowd in front of it, thought it was a long line of people to Chatime, but then it was not.
988 radio was there and there was maybe a famous singer or something, the girl had this awesome hair cut, i mean its just the boyish cut, but i like it though.

Moving on, we bought our sushis and then put it all in the car while waiting for Andy who just got a car.
We went in again in search of a new purse for Azie.
Then we meet the guy and he actually brought the soy sauce.
so gotta let GK know about the house, and i dunno why ND keep strumming the badminton raket and JD eventually is on top of the car (?) =.="

Hell, we dont know what to do in Alor Star since we had still time on the car rental, we asked Andy to bring us around.
And then we just ended up, followed him to his 'friend''s house and then his house.
After a good 30 minutes of doing nothing and ranting in front of the house, we're of to Tesco just because JD wanted a bottle of water =.="
Then we went back, stoped by 7E cause the birthday girl need to buy panadol.

It is Azie's birthday today. I didn't do anything, just that after our doa makan, me and JD sang her the birthday song.



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