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Saturday, July 13, 2013

13 July 2013

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

Today it's the fourth anniversary for PISMP 2011 January intake of IPG people.
It has been 4 years I'm here in Perlis learning about life. :)
Thanks for the lessons :)

After yesterday's discussion, we decided to watch Despicable Me 2.
Up skit, we all went to AS Mall, and I invite JD, cause he the one who ask to go and watch the movie
He's be minioning for the past month and it seems annoying =.="
We planned to go at 2pm so the whole morning i was BORED TO DEATH. literaly =.=
Then, Bona suddenly IM, mentioning he might wanna come along, thank God there's space in the car.

So at 2pm, I went down together with Dyba and we're off to Alor Star.
Arrived around 3 something and we draw out our money and me and JD went to buy the tickets.
But 4pm show had sold out, so we bought the 8pm show.
And before breaking fast, we walked around the mall and went crazy in this accessories shop.
i was walking up and down the shop dunno what to buy, too many things that i like.
And thank God there was JD who is a very good companion for shopping though, he gave good opinion. should bring JD again if i wanna go shopping hehe

at 6pm we waited at the food court until it was breaking fast time
and Bona and JD waited for us to break-fast, good of u two.
unlike the other chinese just munch of to their food without even feel respect towards us,
our combination maybe interesting cause a pak cik sitting at the back was looking and smiling at our group hehehe

azie and the minion

dyba, jd, bona

 After the movie, we're off to McD, dunno which McD to go, I just guided Azie through my rusty memory of the roads in Alor Star :P
And we have our supper. And there was quite a lot of IPG people we meet, not to mention the ones we meet in AS Mall earlier though~
Everyone is out and having fun with the allowance :P

 meet a cute kid named Zachary and we just literaly look at each other, because he's name is Zachary, semua terus fikir pasal Zac hahahahahaha
happy family

 in the car, we played songs and sing alllllllll the way back to IPG
but pause for a moment, cause there was a roadblock haha
segan plak abang polis dengan nanti hehe

these photos, taken when we arrived in IPG actually :P

JD photo bombing =.=:

yours truly :)

So, eventually, I bought a lot of things =.="

and I bought KIL DVD :D

thought of buying this one, but then JD wanted it so i took another one and he bought this one

I guess that's all for now.
I had fun :)