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Monday, December 31, 2012

Sharing is Caring: PLEASE Don’t underestimate people, SERIOUSLY 20/12/12

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

Seriously, please don’t underestimate people. This is because we never know what the other person is capable of and we don’t really know the other party. We know people its just like we see the tip of the iceberg.

You know I was a cashier last year in a mart in front of my house. Well, being a cashier people think you have no qualifications or anything in your head, that’s why you ended up being a cashier. Oh my God, you are freaking wrong mister. I’m actually a second year degree student majoring in TESL and my I actually have two minors! That’s Language Arts and Music Education. People really though me as i’m a stupid kid or something. 

There’s this time I was joking around with a sales person and we end up talking about recycle and the usage of paper bags are much better. Oh my God, this had been my essay topic for years! Seriously! Even when i’m in college =.= so i said something that kindda said that paper bags or recycle kindda not doing anything. (he didn’t get my point, i was about talk about how good was the idea) but the guy end up asking me “eh, tak tau ke? Dah lame dah orang start recycle” or some sort. Oh my God, of course i know stupid! I’m a freaking teacher trainee! God knows of i am much more clever or knowledgeable then you =.=””

My dad, turn ways in his working line and know being an agent for Nasgera, Cordi Plus and Air Kauthar now days. Being my dad, he don’t have a laptop or tab bitch to help him with work. so he is more to the product or realia person. People now days like to see graphic or some sort on gadgets now days. Without gadgets bitch people sometimes won’t take you seriously :( this is sad, really sad.
Graduating from College of the Ozarks (now known as UofO) with THREE majors and he actually a Bachelor of Science. You tell me, is that wicked or what. But now, with my dad kind of work, people don’t see that. That applies only if the person didn’t have the same level as my dad. I mean studying abroad and many experience. Some people just thought that my dad maybe a sad old man who’s doing a tough job. Unlike this one guy graduated from Egypt actually recognise the way my dad approach a client differently and professionally.  He knew right away that my dad is an overseas graduate. 

First of all sorry to this one particular lecturer from IPG Ipoh, i actually know your name but it may be stupid if i mention here. I am so sad and hurt for what he done to my dad. My dad actually call IPG Ipoh to get a link to the coop there and they give a phone number of a certain lecturer handling the coop there. My dad called up and he was freaking rude to my dad. Oh my God, i’m saying three things here.

First: he is rude to my dad. My dad just wanted to put he’s product there to sell. Besides Nasgera is a good product, i myself sell to my friends and they find it convenient.  thanks friends <3 

Second: you’re only a lecturer. Please please. Ntah2, belajar pun x tinggi mane. Ok, ini sudah jahat. Ok2, x2. Mari kite sangkal fikiran ini. Never underestimate people! :D

Third: I was REALLY100X extremely embarrassed towards my dad. Because a lecturer being rude to him. IPG lecturer may be a teacher right? Just like what i’m training to be. Oh my God, i was really embarrassed. How teachers can do that to a person? A teacher should be really good to people thats why they are being appreciated by people right?

Then again, my dad get contact with another lecturer and he did get to sell his product there. But the sells are going on slow there. Hey guys from IPG Ipoh c’mone try the Nasgera, there are no MSG in it and it delicious too hehe

:( never underestimate, treat people equally. We never know when those the wheel turn around or when the karma hit you right back 

p/s: sorry, i was quite blur on what did i wrote too 0.0 and my English was all over the place :( :( :( :(

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