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Monday, December 31, 2012

Random: Why KL is my Hometown on FB

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!
from a friend's Instagram

Its the 20th December 2012 @ 12.36 mid night. Before they said the world gonna end. Watching Inkigayo 700th episode now. Then this thought came to mind. Why in the world did i put my hometown as Kuala Lumpur? But i just live there just a barely 1 year plus2.

My mum from Perak (before live in Penang) then she further her studies in ITM Jalan Othman, while my dad born in Singapore then live in several places in the peninsular Malaysia, later further his studies to Arkansas. Both meet in KL, as both of them works in the same place and work within KL area. My oh my its THE kl, not the Selangor-but-consider-KL-also area. Then they marry after some time, i came, then they decided to have me in Pantai Medical Center KL. The one in Lembah Pantai. Hurm, don’t ask me where, cause i know ZERO information about the layout of KL and Selangor. Seriously L when i came to the world, i was greeted by this one old man doctor, namely DR McCoy. If im not mistaken he’s a Dato’ now. Woah.

Then i live in KL for certain more then one year. Live in an apartment near the Highlands Towers. But we moved out before the incident happens. If not my grandma may witness a horrified incident. Cause she’s the one stayed at home with me when my parents at work. 

Then we moved to Johore Bahru. We moved into two houses there. Both houses are still there though. Went there last year and actually take a look at the house. But the other house had turn into a private area with guards and all, we can’t go in without purpose. So we presume the house is still ok.
I was in JB for seven years then moved to now my hometown, Sitiawan, Perak. it took me years to actually  say that I am from Perak. i give it a thought one day. I was in Sitiawan from 12 years until present and it had been 14 years my family is here, so, i thought why not just let this be my hometown. There and then one my heart at peace call this is my hometown. I was too mess up to think about it, should i say KL? Selangor? Cause most of my family and relatives are in KL and Selangor. Should i say JB? Erm, no way, i don’t have anything there =.= should i say Perak? aa molla! Then that’s the moment i had that thought. 

About KL being my hometown somehow make people confuse though. A person really thought i was from KL, when i said, i was born there, she go like “aa lahir je...”. girl, at least my family really originated from there. We didn’t migrate there, we just migrated out of the territory.
This had been just something i wanna get of my chest. Besides this is my blog. 

p/s: listen to Don’t Hate Me-Epik High. A good song although ur not a kpoppers.

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