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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

04/11/12 Happy Brithday T.O.P.

Assamlamualaikum & hello readers~!
yes, it's my baby hubby's birthday!
he's turning 25 years today.
choi seung hyun from Seoul born on 4th November 1987

why do i like him? because of his good looks and terrific rapping!
i'm lost of words, i dunno what to say more about him
CLICK HERE, if you wanna know more about T.O.P. :)

let's see some photos of this gorgeous human being, shall we ? :P

doing the Bingu/chomp dance while in Alive Tour KL
 despite of his seriousness that he portray when he's with the band but he is actually a joker! haha
standing tall at 182cm :D but Zelo much more taller


any hairstyle, he rock them all :D

monster in me performance at MAMA2012, freaking handsome :D

promise, baby!:D

old times

he was fat kid before :)

with taeyang in KL

handsome right?! :D

oh yeah!
2 weeks before, my junior told me that he's birthday going to be on 4th November, i was like okay~
but after a while i realize something, i took out my organizer and realize that his birthday is the same as T.O.P oh my! so jealous!!!!

mr Bonaventure, i'm still jealous of u >.<


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