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Monday, December 10, 2012

26/10/12 #MYAlive Tour vs Raya Haji Aidil Adha

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!
waking up to no twitter because it is weekdays really get me crazy cause i dont what is happening to my boys today.
today is actually Aidil Adha and i'm stuck in campus.
so i was staring at ceiling being sad of not being near to my boys (deary Big Bang) and i'm not at home
Mrs Kwon JiYong was still sleeping and i don't any idea what to do
me and my other classmates had this idea of visiting our foster family in Merbok,Kedah
but kYin didnt give me a feedback yet.

After I had my bath, my foster sister (my classmate, we share the same foster family hehe) text me, asked if I wanna join travel to Merbok
i say, why not???!!!
so i did!

so it was me, kYin, Erni, Ida and kAnn in Debap
we stop by  Tesco Mergong, to buy some token for the foster family and i manage to get my hands on the newest Galaxie magazine that i had been searching
there are no copies of that in Kangar, i have no idea.

me and my foster family with kyin, ida and kAnn

kak Ann :)

erni, :D @ adik angkat haha adik by 12 days

ida and kYin

dgn anak buah

mcm biasa bergurau senda dengan abah and mak
mcm2 gak la buat, mcm biasa mak angkat azie, mak anjang semangat, and pak teh x hbs2 suh dtg rumah
and we did, pak teh and mak teh tu parents angkat yna and goh, kemain lagi mak teh bagi bekal kat depa...
jeles i :P

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