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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

03/11/12 Lunch Farewell with GK

Assalamulaikum & Hello readers~!

GK my deary friend is on her last year@semester of teacher training
omg, i'm so jealous of her! she's just 22 y/o and she's going to finish her studies!
i'm 21, still i have two years to go =.="

it was all my dear rum8 idea, to bring GK to have a farewell dinner, so it texted her, and she said, she's fully book for nights, then she came to my room and asked if it is ok, if shift to lunch farewell :D

and we did, there was me, emy, mayam, mirah and also GK
we went to Secret Recipe, ate some odd things and of course we ate cake.

actually, i don;t have no idea what to type about cause it had been a month since the farewell, so i didn't remember much what happened that day :P

so, lets see some pictures from GK's camera :-

of course the writer's photo

my cake

gk's cake

GK :)

GK & Emy

GK & me

GK & mayam

GK & mirah
 we need a group photo, we ended up have it in GK's car
sort of GK's car took the photos for us (?) hehe

i'm wearing GK;s ring :P

the famous GK's pose

on that day, my rum8 had exam, after her exam, we went for the lunch
yeah, she had exams on weekends. :(
and GK suddenly ask me when we are going for karaoke session, time is running fast
cause she's leaving, and at the end of day, we made plan for karaoke session on Monday night :D