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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

05/11/12 A Night To Remember

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!
i just finish my second last paper, this evening.
and i am freaking happy cause the last paper is approaching and it means that i'm going home!
oh my, im so excited!!!!! :DD

as me and GK had planed earlier, we are going for karaoke tonight with the super juniors
namely, bona, andy, JD, Rolex and prisca
we went out at 6.30pm, when to Yasmen's in  Arau, book a room for 3 hours :D
we ate and meet with the boys from my course, GK say hi and then me and GK discover that prisca only eat chicken and she drank 3 different drinks! like what the??
and now i know, that there is someone who have a speaker voice! thanks prisca for being there for me, being the only speaker voice had make me really down :( but not anymore :P

so let's see the pictures now :P

warming up! heyya!

first song. GK's fav, My Heart will Go On

 Andy sang almost all the songs i think... ade je die nih >.<
our singer, Rolex haha

pakcik yg akan nyanyi semua lagu =.="

 we also sang some songs for GK, because she's gonna leave us here :(

super junior and super senior : my humps

JD! so cute :P

 duet 4 people. bona & GK and me & andy.

 joget lambak time +,+

 after 3 hours, we were crazy and still. hehe

Bona, me, JD, GK,andy, prisca, rolex

i like this photo a lot! :D
yeah, we let them cramp at the back, my god, it was torture for them :( sorry
but then again, we had so much fun.