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Monday, December 31, 2012

December: My Holidays

Assalammualaikum & hello readers~!

Heyya, how have been doing? I hope you’re doing fine. Heard some of you guys went for holidays and done some awesome things, good for you. :)

During this holiday, my only aim was increasing my tweets and updating my blog that I’ve been lacking. I really had my holidays this time. Last year I worked at a mart in front of my house. So, I didn’t have any time for rest. This year may be fantastic for me. Especially the second semester. I am really glad and thankful to Allah S.W.T because I did increase my pointer. Other than that, I was really happy about MYAliveTour, I went to my first Leo Forum; it was AWESOME, had my first photoshoot and yeah, i’m finally 21 years old. 0.0

Back to about my holidays, I have somehow a good@strong reason for not getting a job and help my family. I was devastated cause I didn’t get a job during this holidays, cause I can’t help them much that just kills me inside. L sorry family. First, the mart that I work before already had enough workers, so there are no space for me to squeeze in. Then I thought, how about wait another one week, give myself a break after the hectic exam. I was sick when I was on my way back home. Then I recover. After a while I fell sick again and when it almost recovers I didn’t look after myself much and I end up with flu. That’s the starting of my 3 weeks flu-hell-days. :(
At the first day, I thought I just gonna sleep the night early and have a nice long sleep and I may recover. But then, that night my mum pounded on my bedroom door and gave me the bad news about my aunt. I was shocked, I was blurred, I’m still having flu, I can’t have my rest. Three o’clock in the morning we head to Klang, can you imagine, i’m confuse and sad. Can you imagine in the mist of worriness and all I am actually have a very heavy head and the flu is killing me. Didn’t get proper rest for three days and I actually have fever for two weeks, went to 3 different doctors and my flu lasted for three weeks. In the end went to the 1 Malaysia Clinique and hospital where I actually recover. In the same time, my dad was sick too, cause he didn’t had any rest for days. It was her sister who passed away. Al-Fatihah.

So, that’s the part when I had my never ending fever. Then came this one fine day where I went to UiTM Seri Iskandar following my dad send some Nasgera product. Me being a very-kindda-friendly-to-cat person, approach this one male cat, wanted to pat le cat annndddd it end up scratching up my arm and leave multiple holes on my hand. And it hurts like hell. In the end, it actually leaves marks and I have a new scar on my arm and hand. Gave me the feeling of being like a yakuza@mafia@ganster lady. Hurm, sad huh, turun harga nak kawen nnt. Huhu

From those two sufferings, I didn’t had the strength to look for jobs. After a while after that, I went to Jusco and Tesco to look for job. But no luck for me, there was no job for me. L That’s why I ended up with no job but just enjoy my holidays.

So, what did I do during my holidays? The answer is music. Music baby. That’s all. Been enjoying for days and days and days. Was listening to Big Bang and G-Dragon for ages then as the holidays are nearing the end, then I listen to the others haha. Other than that, I have been surrounded myself with K-Pop and Korea. I can’t call myself obsess on them yet, but yeah I’ve been hugged tight by K-Pop. Haha Watching k-pop music videos, korea TV shows and even watching k-pop channels on Astro. 

Everywhere I go, anything I do, I will surely be with music, my MoM0 (my mp3) was always by my side and music keeps blasting from it. Surely I love it and cherish it :P

I watch some shows and dramas on TV. Mostly the eerie and ghost theme shows and stories. Cause it is awesome! :D Misteri Malam at TV9 every Tuesday 9.30pm is an awesome show same goes to Ghost Lab and other bunch shows :P

That was most about my holidays apart from being driver which I like and I also manage to drive AlexT0 out for a while. I miss driving AlexT0.

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