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Friday, November 9, 2012

IPG Kampus Perlis Lantern Festival 2012

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

 the day started off usual.
the thing is i didn't even know that there is lantern festival that night
i came to know it, when my friend, Mirah, ask me if i wanna go.

to tell you the truth i was kinda lazy but something just push me to go.
the event was held at DIK, I went there with some of the other friends but me and Zati end walking first
upon arriving, there was a lot of people, the stalls were full with people and even the Director was already there preparing for walking with the lantern thinggy with the other lecturers and some of the teacher trainees representatives.

I was damn excited to do that too. at first we were blurred on how to ask for lantern and all that.
then i saw Yee Yern, my twin name (always called her by Yen), i called up 'Yen' which i feel  like i'm calling myself haha and ask her for lanterns.
and so we did get our lanterns, but putting the candles was no joke, lucky for me, one of the girls gave me a lantern that she already put the candles.
I was so hype up when i got that lantern.
and the rest of the time I was busy poking people i know, the juniors and also the Leos...
unfortunately for me, i didn't had the chance to the walk with the lantern thinggy, cause one of my friend barely had her candle put up until the Director had come back from his walk.
We went inside and for the performance to start, but it was a long wait.
Before the show starts, I manage to walk around the hall, there were numbers of booth, some games and there was a lantern competition and it was awesome lantern design.
i remembered one that it made from a strained. creative much?
my coursemate, Karmen, sang that night, that was one of the reasons that we went for this festival.
upon wondering around the hall, made up with Rion, the multi-tasker!

and he said that he gonna sing a song that he wrote! wow!
wondering around that hall, made me stop and chat with number of people, that make me confuse, why i have more Chinese friends? :P
that festival didn't made me feel left out though despite of not understanding what the emcee announce and what the others were singing about.

Nevertheless, i had my own translator that night!
mr Bonaventure was my translator for that nigh... haha
Rion and Karmen was the first performance, knowing him as a Leo family, really made me wanna support him. but at where i sitting, no one seem to know him much.
saw, GK and others that i know, went up to them and made a weird wave to support Rion.
because of that i went back to my seat found the TESL super juniors and end up staying with them.

not very lucky for the performers, when they were singing their hearts out, we talk giberish at the back.
we talk Japanese, Korean, France-Eng, Brit-Eng and whole lots of giberish!

but when the Oppa Gangnam Style and the other dancing group appeared we were attracted to watch them up front!
me and the others really can't stop laughing at the performance. but it was and ENJOYABLE ONE.

as I was the one who didn't know much about the festival, i'm the one who stayed until the end.
my and Bona's friends went back after a while and left us until it the Director head home.
we were waiting for the lucky draw, but Bona wasn't lucky enough so we decided to retreat back to our hostels. with Bona was whining hungry and all, i offer him to buy Nasgera! and he bought it! haha it was actually funny thing though, me and Bona was standing almost everywhere, after a while standing, we will find ourselves at different location every time! haha sometimes we sway to the Chinese music and then there was this Semester 8 video and there were a lot of mandarin talking that i couldn't catch what they said. and thanks to Bona, he translated to me well. and that night, GK made Bona really3x damn embarrassed with her, cause GK is such a good person, she gave Bona to buy a drink, and that made him embarrassed like hell!

all through the night, i keep on meeting and had a brief discussion a TESL junior, Eric Ong. haha and he even give me an evil idea too. *not gonna share here*
there was also a time when Alex Wong suddenly pose like a retarded gay that made me shrieked and automatically push him away and he automatically resolve to the pose back. hmph! and got that photo though.*but its not here*

That night i went back smiling cause i had a good time with friends. who will not if you keep doing the same thing for the past days of looking at Technology in Teaching and Learning book?

#1 almost describe in detail :P
#2 ALL THE BEAUTIFUL DECORATED PHOTOS ARE FROM Lorsen Lloyd Facebook (a senior and a friend of mine)
#3 Cosmic Art Photography

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