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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

25/10/12 #MYAliveTour have they landed have they not?

Assalamualaikum & Hello readers~!
Big Bang is finally coming to Malaysia
al the 5 members were flown in from Manila
i went a little crazy cause i dont know if they have landed or not,
but a friend of mine, Kak La, IM me on FB telling me they had landed safely in KLIA
and she gave me a link to follow the updates
till that moment i've been on twitter ever since and retweeting everything and anything!!!!
and it really felt like i'm in freaking KLIA!!!

and there was a lot different types of stories about the landing of the boys
some said they had landed some said no, they didnt land yet!
and some even said, only the crews are here in Malaysia but the boys are still in Manila
and also there was a news about they are running later than 8pm because of the storm =.="
it was hell of one thousand version of stories

but seems they already landed alright!!!
well, u know, u land and then all the things to do and wait before proceeding to the gate right
so, all the VIPs in KLIA were hype up, even the VIPs at home were hyped upon their arrival, including me at my table while holdings notes and all, *i have freaking exam the next week!!! >.<
and then people start to ask for photos,
it was hell of a wait, some even post up the photo of TOP:the detergent! :( *not funny guys
so here some photos i got from Twitter #selamatdatangBigBang and also Google Image

first photo that emerge during that night, TOP
taeyang and jiyoung
seungri looked all berlagak haha
all the members
i was happy though, although i cant be there :)

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