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Sunday, November 11, 2012

20/10/12 Jamuan Melati III bersama Senior Semester 8

Assalammualaikum & hello readers~!

the hostel that i'm staying is C Block and the name is Melati 3
i as the Vice-Chairman II (or you called it that way) was invited to join a dinner that was held on this date, at first we thought having all the members of the block to join
but then, it end up, the AJK of the block and also the senior 8 semester attend this dinner
we just have it a steamboat place beside the science school which actually just beside our IPG

i didn't take out BoB0 as it is a hastle now, cause BoB0 is actually in a bad condition.
but still can produce pictures
the only photos i have is from emy's camera.
and been waiting for the one that been took offically like it took ages. =.="
so, i decided to just update about it now
if there is photos, surely i will update this post

it turns out GK didnt know about, thank God i text her before that :)
she came a little late, but no harm done la kan hehe
we ate and have fun and talked
we also watch Kelantan vs ATM in football
and Kelantan won.

*gmbr rum8*

*gmbr rum8* with seniors
GK said to me: "ha, brape lame lagi? 2 tahun? kitaorg lagi 2 minggu"
me: =.=" *big time*

wel,, at least 2 years, bukan mcm bebudak kecik tuh, lagi 5 thun!

p/s: good luck dear seniors~!

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