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Sunday, November 11, 2012

01/10/12 Story telling Compitition

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!
it was the English Month, so Jabatan Bahasa had a lot of activities during that month
there was poetry recital and such during our camp and BIG week
the lecturers decided that we have to participate too in the English month
because we had story telling for our assignment, then the lecturer decided that we had to participate in the story telling compitition

as usual, i was very sure that i wont be choosen to be one of the participant
because i don't think i performed really good
but then, Pn Sa'adah call out my name and Beliau's name was choosen too
and i was shock
 i didn't practice until it was 2 days before the competition, because the week before that, we had a lot of assignment waiting in line to be done =.="
so yeah, alhamdulillahi did endure it
and i was the second last story teller and Beliau was the last story teller...

Kamal with his interesting voice change hehe
Sya with the Korean influence story
the most scary story! i was still scare when i had to performed cause Syiqin's turn was before me :P
Syahid and her Grafullo.... *or something like that
this girl, Lemoc, never fail to give a funny story, and i think she just alter the story right before starting. and laugh until my eye tear up
Karmen and her recycle story
shandra with her interesting story. it involves repetition that will surely attract  student
erni and her nose story haha
Marcel's story need two dimensional mental haha
Justin Bieber is in the house and he also sings and be friend with a monster
me with my Cinder the Bubble Blowing Dragon
so syiqin won first, shandra second and karmen won third... :)
congrats u guys

photos: Cosmic Arts Photography (FB)

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