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Saturday, November 10, 2012

14-16/09/12 Bina Insan Guru : Program Anak Angkat 2012

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

right after the camp, we had our BIG for another 3 days
i tell you, we have no rest this week and it was hectic
in the morning as i was the AJK of Transportation, i'm quite worried if the bus is ready for us in the morning
yesterday, after we have arrived in IPG, i walked all the way to the garage in the rain to ask about the bus
at this moment, i am freaking miss AlexT0
that night, Zorro came to my room... hehe
we literally  play catch with each other and i was screaming here and there.... hehe
Zorro is so freaking cute like a cat with a cow colour-fur hehe
so in between packing i did that with Zorro

waiting for deary bus
 cant remember much about the trip, but i'll try my best
ask Zakiran to go by bus, cause the other two boys will be going by car and he is the only guy in the bus apart from the bus driver lah
bertolak like 8-ish i think, the the bus driver check out something at the garage then we're off
half way to AS, he stop a while to have breakfast, but we have already eaten
then we resume the journey stop again at Gurun later on
upon arriving the mothers and fathers celebrated us with joy but it still haunts me of who or which is my foster parents cause i heard they have change yet again the families huhu
this time around, our BIG was held at Kampung Hilir, Merbok
upon arrival, Zakiran was the only male, the other two decided to take the car

adik beradik angkat, geok cher & yna

some random cute boy followed us from the pintu gerbang to dewan haha

 a little bit later that day, we had a jemputan to a rumah terbuka, so we went we became the helpers :)
dapat mkn free gak!

buka itu ketupat!

dont ask me y, but this guys face is all over in my camera =.="

with Pak Teh(ketua kampung)


random baby

retard pose

didnt remember the place name! dem! me, mak and erni (adik angkat muhaha)

nice place

us, bapak kirey bawa kitorg jalan ^.^

adik angkat kirey

main bola dalam kain plak....

me not in the photo :((( but adik angkat atilia and kiki is. Fara
 supposed to meet the guys up at night, but then i end up watching MiB I on tv
next day, senaman pagi session

English Games (yeke?)

very cute azie's camera

me and my group
 again supposed to meet up the guys to help for the bbq and stuff, end up going out with the foster parents
another field play

baling2 sayang

tarik tali! my ayah actually help our group hehe but we didn't win :( but we had fun though
 i remember when kamal is the last person along with the kids, then we lost and fell, when i turn back to him , i saw the kids are all  on him haha

on that night we had Malam Kebudayaan
anak buah la kiranya

ade bbq gak~~

last day

 before the majlis penutupan start we actually sang the songs we sang during Merdeka haha

going back

with Kg Hilir, Merbok, Sg Petani, Kedah villagers

azie and her parents, which supposed to be mine and Kiki's :)
 heading back to IPG
Kirey and his gift

me with my gifts

my Mak gave me this, gonna make baju kurung hehe
erni, mak, ayah n me

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