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Saturday, November 10, 2012

10-13/09/12 Kem Unit Beuniform Bersepadu IPG Kampus Perlis

Assalammualaikum & hello readers~!

this happens way back in September
so can't remember much
so, i just let the pictures talk. :(
not all the pictures though, just some of them

the first day, was the start of the busy days of my life on this semester
woke up in the crack of dawn and off to camp
the first day, helped ainun on arranging the girls of PPIM (pergerakan puteri islam malaysia)

 sampai situ, angkat barang beramai2
 came with the last bus, i escape the whole commotion of setting up the camp site much n tent
ate then start on making the gadgets
 that night the was Yassin recital
 the next day was fill with activities and such
nevertheless, being in PPIM, the activities were relaxing and me likey

the unbake muffins

my tent-mates

beauty of muslimah
 we really changed yana and it was awesome haha
the gang that change yana

then we made the bonsai small tree

awesome right :P

PPIM yassin recital
 after that, i had performance rehearsal..
i was the delinquent student haha
PPIM got "Alam Sekolah" theme and we actually won, although it was boring but we won cause we follow the terms :)
 the next day, was another day, we also had "masakan rimba" because we didnt get any place to actually lit fire, so we only did roti sardin and such
 jump to the last day!

dear Alex pepping?? haha

performance gang

i'm a mr Tan Yin Kee fan~! *IPG Kampus Perlis director

Upacara penutup

i had like a bunch of photos and if i uploaded all it will be years
so, if you want these photos *to my PPIM friends* you can ask me. bagi pen drive terus.
all and all it was fun. and never though i will be so blessed choosing PPIM :D
thanks to all


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