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Sunday, November 11, 2012

03/10/12 Malam Pementasan MITOSKA Epik Sejarah Melayu

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

only because of GK, only because of her
i was hyped up to see this theater.
but i don't have somebody to go with
it was nearly 9 pm something that i didn't dress properly
i was searching for somebody through FB, but nothing came up
so, i just thought might as well not go
my rum8 was back home btw...

but then Karmen came knocking on the door
so, i just threw my shirt and put 2 lines of eyeliners each and off with her
ondway heading out of the block, meet up atilia, who i ask if she wants to go
and me and karmen end up going with atilia (with car-lah) too DIK

as i was there, GK was asking about Amrit...
so, i took  the effort of finding Amrit through my rum8 who is in Selangor hehe

then Amrit did came
and after an hour or so, Karmen went back with Shandra and the gang
then left me and Amrit until it was finish

all in all, it was awesome
seldom these kind of things happens
so, yeah. it was cool. new experience for me :)

me & Haffiz, GK's classmates, to me his expression was cool!
photo: all good quality from Abdul Muiz Hussin FB

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