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Friday, July 23, 2010

24/07/10 Mkn2 bersama TESL B

hari ni azrin n ika nk buat mkn2..

khas utk TESL B

so, mereka perlukan khidmat AlexT0

as usual, AlexTo is the AJK transportation

so, we set of early at 8 am..(early? hehe)

and we're off to pasar pagi!(market hehe)

it seems that it were just me, ika, yin, erni and ida the younger ones in the market!

so, we bought lot of stuffs...
and we went to a shop and we meet a en.asmadi junior!

then we bought some kuih and nasi lemak...
before start off w cooking, we at surau..
(cuz we are using the surau's kitchen)

then, we start of ingredients....
after the ingredients were ready..
i went to hostel to wash my clothes w the machine...
then im back in the surau's kitchen....

after a while, me, atilia n geok cher went to cafe to buy some drinks cuz we are thirsty!
we went to cafe with style...
cu we are not walking but atilia drove WajaT0 there...
WajaT0 is Kamal's car...
its not a Waja ok, but its a Satria...

after everything was ready...,
everything, every food and some people boarded WajaT0 and AlexT0 to go to the cafe.
cuz we going to eat there~

(there's one time, it was azan,,, and someone called kamal asking where he is... but it seems the caller didn't believe him. that kamal repeating the word 'surau' many times... hehe)

so we ate and the rice was like ALOT!

pakyeh, always menyibuk... hehe

kunci kereta WajaT0

let's go on with it!


it's sad to say some of us were not there...
azie n ainun and also kamal who had work to do at the PULAKO

(dah lame x ke dapur... dpt g dapur, it really make me come back to the memory of doing together work w mami...
and i DO COOK ok... not just siting there...
i miss that mami!
hoho )


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