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Saturday, July 10, 2010

09/07/10-10/07/10 Eclipse Trip

(gmbr ni time first raye lepas.
gmbr yg pak yeh g print dan letak dlm wallet die da menyebakan aku terkejut beruk sampai sedikit menjerit pabila die tunjuk kat aku hahah
n gmbr ni la bile umi pak yeh lihat dan die kate suh aku diet skit... aduh!)

baikla rkan2 mari start crite

actually this trip was an idea that azie, me n pakyeh has came up with last sem., when we are lepaking(with no money) at Kuala Perlis.
as we all are (not actually) a fan of twilight, we still wanna watch it.
cuz alot people say its a good movie
as we think that just maybe alor star's screening will be a little late, we decide to go for penang.

we planed we will be going on 3rd July, but Eclipse wasn't out until 8th July.
so we went on 9th July instead.

and the journey began.
at 3.15pm we were all set and off.
we reach QueensBay(QB) around 6.30 pm.
(i was driving slow kangar to AS)
as soon as we reached our parking spot(suprisingly the were a lot of parking space! maybe because it was still friday), i asked azie and Al to run for their lives to buy the ticket as we were afraid that there will be 'full house'.
we were all separated!
i was separated with hunnyto too.
but he was just in front of me.
(but man~ it is a romantic movie! i wanna be w my hunny! huhu)
i was on the fourth row... huhu and by the end of the movie i was having head ache, maybe cuz i watch a very big Bella~!

but then again i have to say IT WAS A GREAT MOVIE!
especially the battle scene~!!
and also the lovey dovey scene of course~!

so, because our movie starts at 11.50 pm , we like have another 3 hours to kill before the movie.
me, hunnyto, azie n Al had our dinner.
we bought sushis(OMG! i miss sushi!)
and we bought some western at the food court.
and hunnyto suap me!
(and also this one guy who was eyeing on me, and he was handsome! haha his hair of course! muke pun blh thn... but then, he saw hunnyto feed me and didnt look at me since... haha then i saw him hugging a girl. DUH! haha)
after our dinner, we separated.

hunnyto bought me a shirt(long shirt)
he said wanted to make over me.
then again, his wallet was in a sad sight.
and i bought him a new one...
(his previous wallet was bought in QB too)
he asked me to change the shirt he bought me after he bought it.. so i did
and he was extremely happy.
as we we're scaning through books n mags in Borders, my phone rang, and the ID show Atilia
act, she had no plan of going out, but she did in the end.
when she phone, she said she was in Sunway Carnival earlier, but the movie she wants to watch was not available, so she asks for Azie's help to buy her two tickets.
(for her and her beloved Botak of course hehe)

after a while, i was back holding hands and walking through QB
and we meet up with Atilia and Kiki(Botak)
i said:weh, ko da ade rambut; to kiki
and he starts to dance around approaching us with Atilia....
and we were in separated ways again.

and it was 10.50 pm, myself, azie n hunnyto went up to Alexto to keep what we have bought just now.
and we end up talking away in the car with the air-corn on.
and i changed my parking spot to the nearer exit.
azie called up Al, and all 4 of us was in AlexT0, waiting for 11.50 pm...

after the movie, i was supposed to find a sleeping spot...
but i dunno whats up w me,i just drive all the way back.
and we stopped at R&R Gurun.
and it was 4.30 in the morning, then when we had our so call a little proper sleep.
at 8.45 am, after washing up, changing clothes and breakfast, we were our way to Alor Star and my hunny's house.
we arrived at 10 am and was there until 2.30 pm.
we talked among each other with hunnyto's Umi and sister, kak Ann.
(oh! suke rmbt kak ann!)
i also managed to get a hold of the novel, To Kill A Mocking Bird from kak Ann and also some notes from her. YAY! (suddenly we have the excitement of studying Grammar/Language Description)thanks kak Ann~!
earlier, hunnyto was talking about of doing my hair.
so, i asked him, and he told me to go to his room.
one thing about his room is, i was afraid of the stairs~! (sgt curam bg aku~ haha)
he is my hair dresser and my stylist...
then, hunnyto's abah, had a room set for us girls to golek2 hehe
and me n Al slept while azie dig in to the breaking dawn novel that kak ann borrowed to us....
hunnyto asked me to waked him up a t 1.30 n azie woke me at 1.40.
and i was waking hunnyto up, he was just like a lil boy who doesnt want to get up...
grrrrrr geram tul ngan die... die ingat sape yg kejut die...
after having lunch there, we set off to Alor Star Mall for PC Fair and also another movie!(to kill the time)

arriving in AS mall, again, we separated.
me and hunnyto went and bought tickets for our next movie, Despicable Me.
seriously the movie was a good one! and it was funny too! hehe

before the movie stars at 4.45 pm, me n hunnyto walked around the mall.
he bought a new pair of pants that was similar to the pants that he had before... DUH!
as we were walking, we got separated, i dunno where he went...
and i just stop by the gold shop.
AND SUDDENLY, (it was really fast) a girl come fighting her way through the crowds and come in front of me and hold my face and she stared at me!
i was like: AWIN!
excited gile jumpe aku...
awin, hunnyto's soon-to-be-lil sister-in-law~~insyaAllah~
and for sometime we were like the gold store models...
upon arriving in front of me, her phone rang, and it was kak ann, eventually, kak ann tried to called hunnyto but it wont get through(well, his phone is at its end of live.. haha)
he left his room keys at home.
and kak ann was going to watch eclipse at AS mall, AGAIN, with her beloved.
awin was extremely excited to see me and she was talking away excitedly to me...
haha i like her though~
hehe and unfortunately, we got separated....
and SHE CALLED ME up asking where am i...
so meet again...
and we were models again, for Ogawa... haha
and again we go our separate ways, and as usual she will salam with us...

as waiting to go inside the cinema hall, i and hunnyto, meet up with kak ann and also her bf...
(kalau tgk muke diorg berdue cam bebudak kecik couple.. mereka sgt cute~ haha suke2!! hehe)
and we bumped into one of our lectrr...
but he didnt recognized as he didnt teach us...
after the movie, we bought something to eat and 0ff back to Perlis.
we reached IPG at 8 pm.
on the time i expected.

and i woke up at 7.55 am, sidai baju and make this post.

THANK YOU to hunnyto,azie n al.
love u all lots!


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