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Monday, July 5, 2010

05/07/10 Language Camp or English Camp??

mane satu the right one??

x tau la..
let it be..
so, for this event, the president is my dearly AbgT0 and the vice president is my dearly2 HunnyT0~!

the thing is, i didn't vote for neither of them
not because i dont want to be one sided.
its just im not in the mood of

so, i am under the Judging community with Shandra and Karmen
so thats settle...

and i really wanna share about the Welcome Reception
so, i was supposed to be under place and decorations
but, suddenly hunnyto told me just now,
that en Asmadi need me to run the event...
in other words event manager!
so much of telling him my real dream job is an event manager!
so, im out of place and decoration and into event

i was thinking doing the tentative(as usual)
set the 'stage' and let everything runs smoothly~
i have to meet the representative of the junior classes i supposed...
need to get everything ready!


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