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Monday, July 26, 2010

15/07/10 English Language Camp 2010 First Part>>Experiential Learning: Information Based Visit

the last day of our camp!

this morning there was no aerobics! yay!

At 7.45 a.m. of the third day of our Language Camp on 15th July 2010, Thursday, we were all packed up and ready for the visit. We boarded the bus and at 8 a.m. and we were off to the first stop. There were also six lecturers together with us on this visit. They are Mr Ideris Abu Bakar; the Head of Language Department Mr Ahmab Zulkiply Mohd Yassin the Deputy of Language Department, Madam Nor Sa’adah binti Othman, Madam Suliana Wan Chik, Madam Ernie Adnan and also Madam Hayati who is also our Camp Commandant.

After about an hour in the bus we reached our first stop; Jabatan Pertanian Negeri Perlis Kompleks Pertanian Bukit Temiang, Berseri, Perlis. The delay was from the bus which stop to fill up the gas tank, and apparently we arrived a little off from the schedule.Upon arriving there, we received our breakfast and were instructed to eat at a place mention. Eventually we were called out from our breakfast and we entered a meeting room for a briefing session from the man in charge, Mr Ghazali bin Zakaria the Director of Perlis’s State Agricultural Department. Although we were all hungry but we appear professional as future teachers, we did what we we’re told. 120th day when we could eat the grapes. We learned more about grapes that day and we had the chance to snap some pictures of the baby grapes.After that, we were off to our next and last stop of our visit; Pusat Pertanian Bukit Bintang. The main purpose of this place is to conduct a special project. The project called, Bukit Bintang Mango Plantation Project (Projek Tanaman Mempelam Bukit Bintang). There, they only focus on one kind of mango, Harumanis.
We also learned that Harumanis can’t be made into something else such as juice. It won’t last long and Harumanis is usually only for eating. After knowing so much about the Harumanis mango, the rain got heavier. Unfortunately, we can’t have a tour through the plantation.
At 12 noon, we boarded our bus back to IPG Perlis Campus. Arriving in campus 30 minutes later, we were given our lunch. We ate together like a big happy family. The visit was indeed an informative visit. We all had gathered a lot of information regarding the agricultural sector in Perlis.

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