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Thursday, July 8, 2010

08/07/10 TESLian gathering

ok, today starts with'adah class...

with a task of finding 10 words, find the meaning and make a sentence out of it
from a newspaper article that she provided..

actually, when i was half way there,

i saw mariam walked back to the hostel in a hurry

i ask y, n she said 'DICTIONARY!!'

OH GOSH! i have to hike all the way up to third floor for my dictionary!

so i walked back and come to class at 8.05am..
and pn sa'adah start the class....

after that i had breakfast w hunnyto
after breakfast, i have asked all the KK's of TESL junior to meet me at the Open Hall betwee Pulai A & B.
i went to see them w azie n hunnyto~

so, the first one to come was TESL B KK, Azman, a sempoi kindda guy~
then, TESL A KK, Sazali, Kirey's twin, which mulut x de insurans...
(die tegur pakyeh rmbt korea. pak yeh jawab, mmg lahir kat situ pun~! haha)
last was TESL D, Arsyad. nice guy... hehe

i had only get hold of the Arsyad actually...
i have asked the two guys from tesl a junior that i have told u earlier(Levi's n the first guy to register in tesl a registration day)to call up their KK.
zel have kept the registration for tesl b, so he called up the KK
the story about TESL C junior is, they probably was having class, when i called up.
so, again, with arsyad help, i have asked him to get the KK nmbr for me, and he did!
thanks yea arsyad!!(who call me sis... hehe)
so, i text the KK, and he called up...
so, i just talked to him through the phone, he is Izzuddin
~thats settled~

(i saw this one guy who was really thin and tall and wearing a big glasses during the registration day, and he is in TESL C. and he is Izzuddin! haha i have always stare at him cuz of his appearance. not that im saying he had a bad one)

that evening, we had pn Su's class in DIK
after her class, we started on working on the DIK for TESLian Gathering/Welcoming Reception

and that night, AGAIN, AlexT0 was the TRANSPORTATION AJK~
just like teslian night
she brought all the foods from the surau to DIK
hehe along with Myra(amira nadwa)
and she bring back all the empty container back to surau...

that night was ok, i managed to get everything settle thoo
(really en asmadi make me like an event manager~ and im just the stage manager though~)

i mingle with the juniors.. some are ok, some are just too shy to talk..
but mind you, they have loads to learn to be TESLian like US!!
i worked along w Levi's guy too.. (dang, i have to get his name correct!)
and get crazy with atilia n the geng~
hoho miss that crazy guys...
and also got my mind 'polluted'~

in the evening, i realize, we have a slot for the TESL junior to give a speech...
i talked to syafiq and also hunny was there...
i asked who will do the speech...?
syafiq: bagi KK klas pn Su ar~
i like that!
so, i text arsyad, and asked him if he willing to do so, or he can assign someone else..
but fortunately he accepted it and his speech was ok!
thank you again arsyad!

so, the food was good, but i didnt eat much!
the fried chicken, french fries and nugget was finished before i could hold it up!
i just managed to eat the fried bihoon

the performance for each the junior was good, despite of for not having much time though~


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