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Thursday, May 8, 2014

8th May 2014

Assalamulaikum & hello readers~!

Hey, just finish my Original Milk Tea from Tea Secret. Went there with Dyba and she bought fries with seaweed. Not bad though, should tried it.

Went out just because I need feed Eddy and I send my Blackpearl for repairs, no idea what’s the problem, but yea, it can’t be on. Kinda miss having a smart phone. Hurm

Other than that, I just read Jean’s and Hanie’s blog, as usual, their blogs triggers me to write and the way I write. Both have different styles of writing but I enjoy both, and maybe just maybe I’m writing and kindda trying to be like theirs.

I’m bored, as usual. That’s the reason I type. Internet had not been stable, so I’m typing in a Microsoft word. Just because.

There’s no point here. Just me typing.

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