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Monday, May 5, 2014

5th May 2014 Today

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

ehem ehem getting my blogger gear in the mood. Got my mojo back!
For the time being, my blog is just like a boring place where I write anything happen in my daily lives.
There won't be photos, cause my CAMERA was STOLEN and my handphone is kaput.
So, here we go.

Waking up, I have no idea what to do, because there are no class until Wednesday.
Feeling a little devastated of coming back early.
Nevertheless, I have the reasons of why I came back early and its all cool.

After that, decided to read Hanie's blog because it had been a long time.
I'm not a fan of reading blogs through phones cause I feel it is too small.
Then wrote a post earlier this morning and came down for lunch.
Bit good bye and good luck to roommate who was having exam today and I'm out with le president of my Leo Club who just turned 4 years, yesterday.
Did our survey of shirts, badge, keychains for leo forum.
Went to see my phone and the guy said come tomorrow, and it's just stupid, cause I'm already there why don't you pass me the phone? But well, I'm no mood to argue.

Came back to hostel, continue stucking myself to the laptop and Dyba came.
We went for dinner and then we keep some stuff with Zach and Lex.

Well, I clearly wanted to write but nothing interesting to write YET.
So, I settle with this, first.
a piece that Abe shared with us, the EX-JPPs :)


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