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Sunday, May 11, 2014

10th May 2014

Assalamualaikum & hello readers~!

I have starting blogging again about my daily chronicles and what not.
It's just me writing a diary. If you hate it, you can might as well just hit the 'X' button.

I was tossing around on the floor of my room reading blogs online and such not wanting to study.
Woke up early, just because our pidato boy; Zac left his things in Eddy, so I gotto go to the car and get it.
I mean the alarm key don't have a very good sensor, it can't sense as far me up at the hostel to the parking lot. Unlike AlexT0, you can use the key from anywhere and it still can be sense.

Zac called out me and Dyba to accompany him study at cafe, OMG this is the first time someone ever excited to ask me to go study. Usually people go like "hey, i wanna study? Let's go" with a face like this>> "__________________"
Went down , 'studied' until 3.30pm other then eating, drinking and they watched some Glee and we decided to go out.

And it's my second time Blackwood for the week. DUH! I have a hole in my purse.

Oh yea, and started to use handabags again. My mum can't help it but to make a fuss on me only carrying my wallet and phone everywhere. And I too got tired of not having a handbag too.

Then we go for a karaoke, old songs.
Enough I think.


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