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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

30/08/2012 my Dear Alexandra

salam, hello readers~!

my AlexT0 is well known through my friends in IPG and also back home and also through out the IPG itself
pernah menjadi buah mulut manusia di HEP juga
serta lecterur pun dah knal sape tuan AlexT0 nih~

oklah, ramai x tau ni,
tapi Jumaat lepas, suddenly, AlexT0 sakit
sedih tau~
So, last Sunday, my parents send me back here in IPG along with Tiara
and now, i'm without car, and for now, i can live with it :) hehe
rasenye i won't be taking back AlexT0 until the end of sem
iyalah, xde nak guna pun
melainkan nak kluar berfoya2
tapi xde lah kan~
blh save duit gak hehe

so, wish AlexT0 good luck hehe


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