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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

30/08/2012 the week after Raya

 salam and hello bloggers~!

the first week after Raya is a busy week for me.
because of the choir thinggy....
the Sem 4 TESLians are required to sing for the Independence day tomorrow
so, we have been busy with it for the whole week
though, we TESL B are more relax then the other TESLs cause we don't have any assignments due this week.thank GOD

we started our rehearsals on Monday, and start recording songs on Tuesday
we were in the recording studio with our instructor, En. Megat from 8.30pm to 1am
now, i really understand why recording a whole album will take months and years haha
at least now, i have the experience :)

the above picture was inspired by Karmen's dream of maybe have a photo while recording, i think~
so, we ALL wanted the same photo too
and mine end up a photo with En. Megat himself haha

yesterday, we went for the rehearsal in Kangar
so, we were there from 7.30 am to 12 noon
but we just sang the songs and see the place

and Kak La help a pak cik  ^ ^
 and we have night training
we going to sing NegaraKu, Satu Malaysia and Janji Ditepati
we added some moves for Janji Ditepati
and also, we end up wearing Blue altogether.
and yeah, we have lunch everyday this week
i am so happy!!! ureshi!!! hehehe


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